Investment  Management

At WealthTrak, we believe Strategic Risk Management is the most important factor in managing client portfolios. Risk management is the foundation upon which we combine balance, diversification, and experience to preserve client assets and pursue growth and opportunity.

Our Core Portfolios are engineered for long term capital appreciation through our unique approach to diversification and balance. Diversification is important in general but we believe most of the value in diversification is realized by choosing to allocate to asset classes that perform well in different economic conditions. We achieve balance by weighting asset classes based on risk level and the prevailing macroeconomic environment.

Our more opportunistic Satellite Portfolios introduce tactical holdings in equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes that are managed with proprietary signals. These portfolios can have substantial cash allocation during negative market conditions.

We combine our Core Portfolio with one or more Satellite Portfolios to build a well-rounded, economically robust portfolio tailored to our clients’ individual risk level and goals.

Risk Management

The recent turmoil in the worldwide financial markets has reiterated the need for diligent risk management. Our WealthTrak managed account strategies allow us to more effectively monitor the risk level in the market. When our WealthTrak-TrendLine indicates the risk is too high, we have the capability to take action to try to mitigate that exposure on your behalf.

As investment analyst Louise Yamada said, “There are two kinds of losses. A loss of capital and a loss of opportunity; but there will always be another opportunity if you protect capital.” We are very conscious of trying to protect your money during times of anticipated negative volatility. That way, we will have capital to invest when new opportunities arise.

We are excited about the opportunity to serve you. We believe this partnership will help design a plan to achieve your investment goals while offering the personalized service you’ve come to expect.

Asset Classes and Sectors

Using our WealthTrak managed account, you’ll gain access to a broadly diversified group of asset classes and investment sectors. Since our worldwide economy is dynamic, this group of investment options changes on a regular basis. We are continuously monitoring the investment landscape to try to identify long-term trends. Here are examples of asset classes and investment sectors that are part of our investment process.

Preferred stocks
Large capitalization stocks
Emerging market securities
Market neutral strategies
Convertible bonds
International bonds

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities
Municipal bonds
High-yield bonds
Corporate bonds
Real Estate (Domestic)

Real Estate (International)
Government securities
Precious metals

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not ensure against market risk. No strategy can assure a profit or protect against loss.

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