Our  Approach

While some members of the financial planning profession may provide only fragments of a plan, WealthTrak believes that there are four elements necessary in the pursuit of financial security.


The initial meeting with your wealth advisor is an exciting, interesting experience that covers the key areas of money management. It is designed to provide you with new awareness, knowledge, and information about vital money matters. The first meeting also prepares you to work more effectively with your advisor and better use his or her professional services. Finally, this meeting gives the advisor an opportunity to start building a strong working relationship with you.

Financial Planning

After gathering and analyzing the client's financial data, a measurable financial goal is developed in writing, creating the foundation of the client's wealth plan. The wealth advisor then works with the client in developing their specific plan to pursue the goal.

Plan Implementation

Once the wealth advisor has reviewed the goals and evaluated the myriad of products available to work toward those goals, a specific plan is presented to the client for review, discussion, and approval. When the client is satisfied with the plan, the advisor handles implementation.

Continuing Service

The WealthTrak program provides for periodic review of each client's wealth plan, analyzing and appraising it in light of current circumstances. If the client agrees on specific changes in the plan, they are made by the wealth advisor focusing on the potential for top financial performance.

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